This Emergency Checklist Will Help Prepare You for Winter Weather

Oct 8, 2018 11:33:55 AM / by Kristopher Schwind posted in Winter, Power Outage, generator maintenance, hazard prevention, safety is key, Losing power, Prolonged power outage, Residential, Commercial




October may have just arrived, but winter weather is right around the corner. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Northeast can expect an unseasonably warm, wet winter—but don't be fooled by the higher-than-average temperatures. We're looking at a significant amount of precipitation, which—combined with still-cold winter weather—creates a perfect storm for inclement weather emergencies.


Be prepared to survive a winter power outage. Make sure your home, your business, and your family are ready for the worst this winter with this emergency checklist.


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How Hotels Should Prepare for Power Outages

Aug 7, 2018 5:01:06 PM / by Kristopher Schwind posted in Commercial, Load Bank Testing, Winter, Power Outage, commercial generator, generator maintenance, hazard prevention, safety is key, Preserve your freezer, Purchasing a Generator, Losing power


For hoteliers, unexpected power outages can be devastating. Hospitality standards in the United States are high—and when guests encounter trouble with their stay, hotel staff need to find creative solutions to keep their guests comfortable, safe, and satisfied.


It may seem hard to believe, but the historic Northeast Blackout of 2003 that affected roughly 45 million people and cost the state of New York roughly $3 billion in losses had at least one positive impact: It led the hospitality industry to reevaluate how prepared—more accurately, unprepared—hotels are for power outages.


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How Food & Beverage Industry Leaders Can Prepare for Power Outages

Jun 7, 2018 8:58:00 AM / by Kristopher Schwind posted in commercial generator, generator maintenance, generator, Commercial, Winter, Power Outage, maintenance, hazard prevention, safety is key, Preserve your freezer



For businesses in any industry, power outages put operations in serious jeopardy. For the food and beverage industry, however, a power failure can mean total devastation.


Blackouts and brownouts cost Americans an estimated $150 billion a year in spoiled food, lost productivity, and other costs. Restaurants, grocery stores, and wholesale distributors rely on electricity to keep the lights on, exhaust fans going, and refrigeration running.


Without an emergency backup power plan, food and beverage businesses put their customers, their products, and their profits at risk. On the other hand, the businesses that do manage to stay up and running will have the opportunity to capitalize on the situation.

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What Happens When the Power Cuts Out at a Medical Facility?

Apr 19, 2018 11:13:00 AM / by Kristopher Schwind posted in commercial generator, generator maintenance, generator, Commercial, Power Outage, hazard prevention, Winter, Alternate light sources, Losing power, Prolonged power outage




For medical facilities, emergency power plans are a matter of life or death.


When an outage occurs at a hospital, urgent care, or other medical facility, the effects can be life-threatening. Vital services and equipment like medical ventilators, incubators, and dialysis machines rely on electricity to function—and patients rely on them to survive. Loss of HVAC, water pressure, sterilization technology, and refrigeration capabilities can also be devastating for medical facilities.


We’ve talked about preventing power failure in hospitals and assisted living facilities previously, but it’s important to know the impact of a worse-case scenario.

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Is Your Home Prepared for 5 Surprising Winter Power Outage Risks?

Dec 15, 2017 10:53:48 AM / by Kristopher Schwind posted in Power Outage, Winter



Winter power outages are frustrating and dangerous. The most obvious risks include lack of heat, lighting, internet connectivity, and appliances. During prolonged outages, your household could experience frozen pipes, communication breakdowns, and even hypothermia.


Beyond these dangers, there are also some less-commonly known risks that create an unsafe environment for your family. Here are five things to consider. 

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